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24 Sep 2018

Creative design industries are notorious for using terms interchangeably (and oftentimes, improperly), immensely blurring the lines between different forms of products and the types of services that they provide. In the suit industry, few terms are more overused than bespoke, and made to measure and people, more often than not, have no clue how each is different from the other. The confusion between these terms is mainly due to misuse, leading people towards all kinds of misconception about bespoke and made to measure brands. When shopping for made to measure suits in Canada, one of the first things you should consider is knowing how they are different from their bespoke counterparts.

While both types of suits are...

24 Sep 2018

A perfect fitting suit is an absolute wardrobe essential for men. In fact, buying a suit is almost a rite of passage—something that separates grown up panache from your juvenile sense of style. However, shopping for the right suit can get overwhelming, especially with the wealth of styles and options out there. This guide will come in handy when you need to buy men’s suits online Canada and wade through a sea of design options and confusing details just to get the perfect suit:

·         One of the main things you should remember when you’re out to buy men’s suits online Canada is that a suit is only as good as the way it fits on your body. Correct fit is important, which is why you should take time to learn about...