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24 Sep 2018

The belt is such a subtle, yet classy addition to a gentleman’s outfit. It is precisely because of its subtlety that proper use and styling for men’s belts Canada is overlooked to the point that more men don’t know that there is a right way to pair belts with outfits than those who know that cheap men’s belts in Canada are to be avoided because of their subpar quality. Below are practical tips on how to keep your pants up in style with the right buckle and leather combination:


·         Avoid cheap belts at all costs. Don’t fall for tempting price tags and alluring multipack deals, where you get men’s belts in Canada for cheap. This usually means poor quality leather that won’t stand the test of time. While these belts may seem stylish and durable on the surface, they typically wear out fast and are not made with real leather, hence the cheap price. To get the most out of your investment, choose pieces that are fairly priced and are clearly of high quality. A good rule of thumb is buying from tailors and suppliers that you trust.


·         Know what belts do to your outfit. Belts serve other purposes than keeping your pants in place. They also divide your torso from your lower body, stylishly defining your outfit choices. You can choose your belts based on the color and type of shoes you typically wear or make some bold choices with contrasting colors if you want to make a fashion statement. Belts are great add on pieces that enhance your choice of clothing and give your entire outfit a more put-together and complete look.


·         There are all sorts of belt styles out there. Narrow belts with small buckles are ideal for suits and more formal getups but may not look as good for a more casual ensemble. Large and bold styles on the other hand, such as stamped leather belts with especially large buckles are more suited for the rodeo or cowboy look. If this isn’t your style, try to look for a more neutral piece that can go well with most your outfits. Black is a good go-to color, but it is also nice to have belts in less conventional hues so you can change your look up from time to time or when the occasion calls for it. Investing in several pieces makes it easier to mix and match outfits that require men’s belts in Canada.

About the Author:

This article was written by Peter Kamel, Marketing Coordinator at Spier & Mackay. Spier & Mackay offers an easy online shopping experience based in Toronto & Mississauga. Their aim is to provide you with custom made dress shirts that fit perfectly. They have hundreds of different fabrics to choose from & you can certainly design your own dress shirt that reflects your personal style. 



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