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24 Sep 2018

Creative design industries are notorious for using terms interchangeably (and oftentimes, improperly), immensely blurring the lines between different forms of products and the types of services that they provide. In the suit industry, few terms are more overused than bespoke, and made to measure and people, more often than not, have no clue how each is different from the other. The confusion between these terms is mainly due to misuse, leading people towards all kinds of misconception about bespoke and made to measure brands. When shopping for made to measure suits in Canada, one of the first things you should consider is knowing how they are different from their bespoke counterparts.

While both types of suits are custom-made to some degree, bespoke and made to measure suits in Canada differ in many ways. Simply put, a bespoke suit is something that is custom designed down to the last detail, with all style and construction choices made by you, with the expert guidance of your tailor. A made to measure suit, on the other hand, is custom-fitted to your body type and shape but isn’t necessarily bespoke down to the very last detail. This means they are created from pre-existing patterns and designs, which are tailored to fit your measurements. Now that you know the difference between these types of suits, you are ready for some good advice on choosing worthwhile made to measure suits in Canada to invest in:

·         Shop for timeless styles instead of what’s hip and now. While chasing trends can be fun, you want a versatile piece that lasts. Custom suits are investments and it is always better to have a timeless addition to your collection rather than something that you will only get to wear once and never again in the future. Trending suit styles may make you look dapper and stylish in the moment but can easily go out of fashion in a couple of years. When shopping for made to measure suits in Canada, choose for classic designs and colors that guarantee stylish elegance, no matter what the occasion is.

·        Choose the right tailor. Get to know local tailors and make your decision based on whom you think can capture your style the best. Experience is a good gauge for craftsmanship and product quality, so think about these things as you select the right tailor for your custom suit.

·         Study the basics. Your tailors can provide you with great guidance and advice, but it pays knowing what you are buying, so take time to read about how a suit should be made and how it should look on your figure.

About the Author:

This article was written by Peter Kamel, Marketing Coordinator at Spier & Mackay. Spier & Mackay offers an easy online shopping experience based in Toronto & Mississauga. Their aim is to provide you with custom made dress shirts that fit perfectly. They have hundreds of different fabrics to choose from & you can certainly design your own dress shirt that reflects your personal style. 



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