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6 Feb 2019

Spier & Mackay

To buy the best custom tailored /bespoke men’s suit based in Toronto and Mississauga, visit Spier & Mackay. They offer the latest collection of men suits for sale online in Canada.

Mens Suits in Toronto, Canada 

Check for the online collection of men suits available at Spier & Mackay. They offer the best and latest collection of suits for men in Toronto and Mississauga.

Custom Made to Measure Shirt 

Find the best and the widest collection of custom made shirts in Toronto and Mississuaga at Spier & Mackay. They offer high quality online custom made shirts at affordable price. For more info, contact them today!

Men’s Dress Shirts Available in Toronto

To get great fit men’s dress shirts in Toronto and Mississuaga,...

24 Sep 2018

Bespoke suits are certainly a more luxurious option than your typical off-the-rack choices, but it’s a higher degree of quality you are paying for—a worthwhile proposition when you need a go-to suit for all-important occasions in your life. Just because custom made suits are costlier to buy than your ordinary off-the-rack pieces doesn’t mean they should cost you more than you are willing to pay. There are affordable suits in Toronto that can provide you with the same high-quality excellence without leaving you feeling robbed. Here are things you should remember when shopping for bespoke affordable suits in Toronto:


·         Set a budget. Just as high quality doesn’t always mean expensive, cheap may...

24 Sep 2018

The belt is such a subtle, yet classy addition to a gentleman’s outfit. It is precisely because of its subtlety that proper use and styling for men’s belts Canada is overlooked to the point that more men don’t know that there is a right way to pair belts with outfits than those who know that cheap men’s belts in Canada are to be avoided because of their subpar quality. Below are practical tips on how to keep your pants up in style with the right buckle and leather combination:


·         Avoid cheap belts at all costs. Don’t fall for tempting price tags and alluring multipack deals, where you get men’s belts in Canada for cheap. This usually means poor quality leather that won’t stand the test of time....

24 Sep 2018

There’s a science for buying the designer suits for men in Toronto and it’s not just about the high price tag. As a matter of fact, a good suit doesn’t have to cost your entire pay check. If you know what to look for in a suit that fits, you’ll have no trouble finding pairings that look a million dollars but cost a way less. Here are some things you should know when shopping for the designer suits in Toronto:


·         Learning the rules is a key to breaking them and making the unique styling choices of your own. Like any fashion choice, you must begin with a nod to classic fashion so when you add your own spin to the attire, the familiar flavor will still be there, and your style will be palatable, regardless...

24 Sep 2018

Creative design industries are notorious for using terms interchangeably (and oftentimes, improperly), immensely blurring the lines between different forms of products and the types of services that they provide. In the suit industry, few terms are more overused than bespoke, and made to measure and people, more often than not, have no clue how each is different from the other. The confusion between these terms is mainly due to misuse, leading people towards all kinds of misconception about bespoke and made to measure brands. When shopping for made to measure suits in Canada, one of the first things you should consider is knowing how they are different from their bespoke counterparts.

While both types of suits are...

24 Sep 2018

When it comes to wedding preps, people tend to stress and fuss too much over the brides dress, often forgetting that the groom must look at par as well. Weddings have over the years evolved into incredibly tailored events reflecting the couple’s taste and personality. And, which bride and groom don’t want to look at their best on their big day? Even the most unenthusiastic suit wearer is eager to find the tailor-made suits in Toronto that can live up to the splendor of the occasion. More grooms are paying attention to the wedding dress codes and are eager to find their wedding day the best—something other than their go-to tux. Here are the reasons why a tailored suit is the best option for your wedding:


24 Sep 2018

Custom men’s outerwear Canada suppliers are everywhere, and the sheer number of choices and options can make it extremely difficult to choose the best shop to trust your look with. Bespoke suits and jackets are in high demand, with more men becoming more conscious about perfect-fitting outfits. Nowadays, more people are skipping off-the-rack clothing in favor of customized designs that fit not only their body but their personality. The best thing about bespoke wear is that they can be experimented with and made your way, giving you pieces of clothing that follow your very own sense of style—and this is essentially what fashion is all about.

Just the same, quality doesn’t come easy when it comes to bespoke wear. You...

24 Sep 2018

A perfect fitting suit is an absolute wardrobe essential for men. In fact, buying a suit is almost a rite of passage—something that separates grown up panache from your juvenile sense of style. However, shopping for the right suit can get overwhelming, especially with the wealth of styles and options out there. This guide will come in handy when you need to buy men’s suits online Canada and wade through a sea of design options and confusing details just to get the perfect suit:

·         One of the main things you should remember when you’re out to buy men’s suits online Canada is that a suit is only as good as the way it fits on your body. Correct fit is important, which is why you should take time to learn about...

8 Jun 2018